The Breast Cancer List Archives contain messages submitted by subscribers since the List began. This forms a large volume of material that can be very valuable if an inquirer can locate a remembered message or thread of messages, messages by a particular author, or messages on a particular topic. The archives are maintained by Pete Bevin and can be found at:

A search function enables you to enter an author, subject, or keyword and find those messages that match the search criterion. For example, you might wish to find information on "Taxol." Entering the word "Taxol" would bring up all messages that contain the word "Taxol."

A browse function enables you to specify an interval of time (e.g., the month of June, 2000) and display all messages that appeared on the List during that time. These messages can normally be sorted by author, subject line, or date. The BCList archives will allow you to access essentially all messages from the beginning of 1995 to the present.

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