What's Happening

Annual List Gatherings

For many years, members of the Breast Cancer List have arranged for a weekend meeting each fall to which all List subscribers are invited. As long as generous members continue to be motivated to make all of the arrangements necessary for the success of these meetings, we expect them to continue.

The 2016 List Gathering will be held in Niagara Falls Canada, 16–17 September 2016. Click on the link for details.

Past meetings took List members to Chicago (1996), Portland, Oregon (1997), Calgary (1998), Miami Beach (1999), Kansas City (2000), Toronto (2001), Dallas (2002), Portland, Maine (2003), Vancover (2004), Boston (2005), Phoenix (2006), Montreal (2007), Virginia Beach (2008), Tampa/St. Peterburg (2009), Las Vegas (2010), Philadelphia (2011), San Diego (2012), Virginia Beach (2013), Walnut Creek (2014), and New Jersey (2015).

There are also many smaller regional meetings, often spontaneously arranged. Some regional meetings draw from a wider area and attract an attendance almost as large as the annual meetings. Watch for announcements on the List from time to time as plans for these get togethers take shape.