Friends of the Breast Cancer Listserv, Inc.: The FBCL supports breast cancer listserv members in all appropriate ways, such as providing financial help to attend list gatherings and grants to meet medical and living expenses.

John Bonine's List of BC List Abbreviations: John Bonine compiled this very helpful list of the sometimes confusing abbreviations and acronyms that pop up on the Breast Cancer List.

Judy Bear's Cancer Survivors On Line web site: Judy Bear's site provides cancer information, resources, and support to all who ask. The site is designed for cancer patients, their families, friends, and the professionals who treat them. Internet search assistance also provided.

Musa Mayer's advanced breast cancer web site: Musa is an advocate for patients with advanced breast cancer. She lobbies for increased study of metastatic disease, sits on several boards and has writtin three excellent books on breast cancer. Her history, articles and books are available online at

Pete Bevin's breast cancer mets web site, archive and listserv: Pete originated and hosts bc mets as well as and at his own expense. He kindly accepts donations toward his hosting expenses. iorine Bria's web site:
Suzanne Bria lists some excellent links on her breast cancer website which also includes collections of Breast Cancer Songs, Haiku, and Limericks -- and lots of pictures of her beloved Golden retrievers, family, and friends.