e-mailing Listserv

If you prefer to handle your subscription functions by e-mail rather than by using the automated service at this site, here are the basic instructions you will need.

1) How to address your message

Your subscription-related messages should be addressed to the "LISTSERV address" which is


If you've been around here awhile, you may notice that this is a shorter address than the one we've used for years. Shorter is better.

It is very important to understand that this is the address that gets your subscription messages to the computer in Newfoundland, where they will be acted upon.

Please DO NOT send your requests to the LIST address (which is BREAST-CANCER@mun.ca). If you send it there, all 500+ members will receive your message, but none of them will be able to act on your request.

2) Leave the "Subject" line blank

If your e-mail program does not allow you to send a message with a blank subject line, just press the space bar--that will fool your program, but still keep the LISTSERV program happy.

3) What messages to send to subscribe and unsubscribe

Write the following in the message field, using your own first and last names:

SUBSCRIBE BREAST-CANCER first name last name
[To subscribe to the List]

[To unsubscribe from the List]

After subscribing or unsubscribing, you will receive a confirmation message, to which you must reply as instructed.

4) Messages for other subscription options

[To temporarily stop messages, but keep you subscribed]

[To restart messages after "nomail"]

[To receive messages as a digest]

[To return to receiving messages individually]

[To find out how your subscription options are set]

5) Very important: what NOT to include in your message

The LISTSERV program that makes this List function cannot deal with a message that contains words that are not in its vocabulary. If your e-mail program is set to include a "signature" file (putting a preset message in your outgoing e-mails) LISTSERV will not be able to handle your request. Be sure to turn off any signature files you may have.

Also, remember to put the hyphen in "BREAST-CANCER."